Plan Your Road Trip

Having a road trip planner prepared before your next trip can make a world of a difference. Not only will you be saving time, but it also leaves room for you to do extra things.

Our itineraries are a great place to draw inspiration from when creating your own road trip planner in Australia. To help you create your road trip route planner, here’s how we get started:

  1. Destination – narrowing down where you want to go is the hardest part. Whether it be Geelong & The Bellarine, or Werribee and surrounds, we have something for you.
  2. See & Do – Victoria is full of culture, rich history and amazing views. Pick the places that everyone would enjoy and don’t forget to consider the distances between each destination.
  3. Eat & Drink – Other than enjoying a good meal, don’t forget to find the culinary treats that the area is known for.

Download Brochures & Maps

A road trip planner is even easier with our brochures and maps that you can view on your phone. You won’t ever need to worry about being lost on your next road trip again!

View our Brochures & Maps

13395 GSTR Wine Map A4 2018 v2